Beastfull does not store your personal data longer than is necessary to provide you with a good and careful service and to be able to meet your needs. If we no longer need your data, it will be destroyed. You will of course be informed about this. We advise to read our privacy policy, carefully. 

Changes have been made in the worldwide privacy legislation, which means that Beastfull has to look at the rules again. Because we want to use clear, accurate and simple language with regard to how we collect, use and share personal information, we adjust our privacy policy and our terms and conditions..


Beastfull records personal information in order to be able to provide certain services, e.g. sale administration, information requests, price enquiries, etc. These details may also be used to provide targeted information and special offers about our products and services, or to ask you your opinion about our products and services. Details may be used for the aforementioned purposes by Beastfull itself or by third parties acting on its behalf. If you do not wish to receive items of special interest or special offers, then please let us know by sending us an e mail at or by post at | Beastfull Netherlands | Blaauwhoflaan 59 | 8501 EK JOURE | The Netherlands | for the attention of the Marketing Department. Beastfull will use the following data for its purposes:

  • Customer data: including your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and bank details.
  • Contact with Beastfull: If you ask a question via our helpdesk, we will save your contact details and the content of the conversations.
  • About the use of our services: depending on what you buy from us, we store traffic and location data. For example, how big your e-mail traffic is and whether you send attachments. It is not about communication itself. For example, we do not use what you write in an e-mail.
  • Website visit and e-mails: information about the time you visit us, from which device and whether you open an e-mail and click on a link.


Changes to Privacy Policy may from time to time revise this Privacy Statement by updating this information. Such changes are communicated here, sent to the e-mail address stated in your account or reported by means of a notification on our homepage. Your continuation of the use of this website and the resources used by the website indicate that you consent to such processing and agree with the conditions set out in the Privacy Statement.


We have implemented extensive security procedures for processing information, in particular to ensure that it is not possible to gain unauthorized access to this information.


You are entitled to ask us to inform you as to whether, which and how personal details have been processed. On receipt of your request, we shall correct, supplement, delete or shield your details, e.g. in the event that they are factually incorrect. Deletion may result in your no longer being able to use a part or all of our services.


Beastfull does not store your personal data longer than is necessary to provide you with a good and careful service and to be able to meet your needs. If we no longer need your data, it will be destroyed.


Beastfull and Google use cookies to simplify use of this website, as well as to analyse website visits. Google does this on behalf of Beastfull Google also uses cookies to display advertisements based on previous website visits. A cookie is a small, basic file that is saved to your computer’s hard disk. Beastfull uses temporary cookies. These cookies contain absolutely no personally identifiable information and are used solely for statistical purposes to align the website more closely to your requirements – now and in the future. If you have enabled the use of cookies in your browser, then they will remain on your computer for five years, unless you delete these cookies. You can decide whether to enable or disable cookies in your browser settings. Most web browsers enable the use of cookies by default. You can configure your browser to reject cookies. We should however inform you that by doing so you will limit the usage of our website and services. You can disable Google cookies by visiting the Google Advertising Opt Out page at


Our website saves general, visit-related information, e.g. the most frequently visited pages. By doing so, we aim to lay out our website and services more effectively and efficiently. There are links on the Beastfull website to other websites belonging to other companies. Beastfull is not responsible for the way in which those companies deal with your personal details. Beastfull therefore recommends that you read these companies’ privacy statements carefully.


Beastfull reserves the right to make amendments to its privacy statement. We recommend that you regularly check this privacy statement for any potential updates.


Should you have any queries about this privacy policy, then please do not hesitate to contact Beastfull by post at Beastfull | Blaauwhoflaan 59 | 8501 EK JOURE | The Netherlands | or by e mail at


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