Activewear Classic T-shirt – Turquoise

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The turquoise fitness t-shirt for men is the second edition of the Classic model. This shirt is very comfortable and fashionable, just like the first edition.

A common irritation is a showing stomach during pull-ups or bench pressing. This was taken into account by making these fitness shirts a little longer. Besides that, we ensured comfort by using a super soft and stretchy fabric. This makes the shirt feel like a second skin and stretch without any problems with every move you make. Special sport seems are added to the shirt so you don’t feel any abrasive parts when doing a “pump”.

The looks of the fitness shirt are important as well. The shirt has an angled neck and a small detail at the bottom (see picture). Turquoise is the color of the shirt and shows that you are a modern guy with a focus on the future.

Because of the used materials and the design of this shirt, it is wearable during heavy workouts but also casually! How will you wear it?

  • Quality fabrics
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Optimal fit because of stretch
  • Special sport seems
  • Also available in black and white
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