Activewear ‘On Point’ T-Shirt – Black

29.95 9.95

Comfort is very important when you are looking for an activewear shirt. To provide comfort, we use a combination of premium mesh fabrics. These fabrics ensure that the shirt feels soft to the skin. The stretch fit ensures that the shirt forms itself around your body excellently. Also, special sport seams have been added into the shirt to guarantee the comfort. Finally, the shirt has been made longer so you can do your chin-ups without irritation! Furthermore, fashionable details have been added. For example, the design has a crooked neck and the shirt runs in a point. Thanks to the details, you can distinguish yourself from others. And as a finishing touch, the powerful Beastfull logo has been printed in the fabric so that you can wear this shirt both in and outside the gym!

  • Extra tailored around the belly and hip (!)
  • Premium Beastfull fabric: incredibly soft and stretch to ensure an ideal fit
  • Special sportswear seams: prevents abrasive parts
  • Taller model
  • Fashionable look

Size chart for activewear t Shirt