Essentials Classic Turquoise

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The Essentials Classic model is a fitness shirt with a Beastfull text. The comfort was taken into account with the selection of the fabrics. This shirt fits the body perfectly (aesthetic fit), but does not irritate the skin when wearing it. This is because of the breathing material and the stretchable fabrics. Furthermore, the quality of the fitness shirt was tested thoroughly by athletes allowing you to get the most out of your training sessions!.

The color that was chosen for this shirt with Beastfull text is turquoise. This color represents people who reach for the top. Besides that, they are open for changes that make them progress. Do these core values ​​match with what you think is important? Order this shirt now and show the people around you that you are driven and strive to achieve your goals!

  • Quality fabrics
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Optimal fit because of stretch
  • Special sport seems
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